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Horse & Body Works

Services offered are NOT a substitute for veterinary/Doctor advice, care, diagnosis or treatment. Patients/equine/animal Owners should seek and consult your MD/Veterinarian regularly including any symptoms that might require diagnosis and treatment. PEMF stands for “Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field.” Magna Wave PEMF for Horses creates a gently pulsing magnetic field which restores health at a cellular level by stimulating cell metabolism. Magna Wave PEMF for horses can be done at the show or racetrack, right before or after their event. Magna Wave PEMF for horses helps equines stay in peak condition & recover quickly from the stress of competition Call or text to book a session! 612-961-9797 *Magna Wave PEMF machines are not medical devices and do not treat or cure diseases or their symptoms. You should always ask your doctor or veterinarian before using any type of PEMF machine. I also perform light touch body work based on masterson method techniques and myofascial release work in addition to magnawave.

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