CBD Clinic Level 1 massage oil

CBD Clinic Level 1 massage oil

Level 1 Massage Oil (green label) is formulated with Organic Jojoba Seed Oil infused with Camphor 2% (active ingredient), hemp oil, and Essential Oils. This product is for mild to moderate musculoskeletal pain.

  • Level 1 CBD Clinic oil

    CBD CLINIC Analgesic Massage Oils

    Analgesic Massage Oils provide massage therapists and pain specialists with an entirely new class of products for treating patients’ (clients) discomfort and pain.

    introduced in April 2017, these are the first OTC-registered massage oils, the first to combine topical analgesics with CBD hemp extract (Cannabis sativa L).

    CBD CLINIC Analgesic Massage Oils are formulated to facilitate deep and fast absorption of pain-relieving compounds (terpenes). Powerful terpenes (aromatic oils and analgesic compounds) penetrate to pain receptors in the body via the Endocannabinoid System to interrupt pain signaling. Read more about our products’ natural science.


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